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About Andrew
If you are looking for something here that tells everything there is to know about Andrew Willmert, you are in the right place (Hooray!).  However, you will never find EVERYTHING about me on this page (UGH!).  It is just impossible to fit thirty years of experiences, trials and tribulations into one page on the internet (even as hard as Facebook might be trying).  What you are really interested in is what kind of person the guy who will be representing you is, and I admire that.  The short answer is he is a lying, no good, thieving coward who will without question make terrible decisions and turn this country into the laughing stock of the world, like Rob Ford!  The long (honest) answer is Andrew Willmert is a guy who enjoys seeing people smile, he keeps a positive outlook on almost every situation and enjoys the journey not looking for, or intentionally taking, short cuts.  While we need to be fiscally responsible in our decisions and accountable with our budgets, we also need to use funds to benefit our most successful programs, ensuring our successful future. 

What key areas will you be focused on?
Three things I would like to focus my time on if selected to congress are expanded educational elementary programs in district two primarily focusing on foreign languages and results based practice vs. testing, securing a future that includes accessible nutrition through farming and advancement in technology business partnerships in the south central Minnesota area. 

What makes you different? 
A great question, how about EVERYTHING!  I refuse to believe that every decision that is made in an office should be dictated by a predisposed view of cut and dry, right or wrong, political party propaganda.  I know this goes against everything we know in politics (or at least are told) but let's be completely honest here for a few minutes and review some statements that are clearly not right every time.  A half court shot is NEVER a good shot in basketball.  A half court shot is a good shot in basketball if you are down by two points and you have the ball with less than a second left in the game and happen to be around half court.  Alcohol can cause death if consumed excessively.  So can water; where is the difference?  The point I am trying to drive home here is no matter what a politician may tell you in their campaign, on television or even face-to-face the reality is these people are voting for you and what THEY are voting for or against is a direct reflection of each one of you, in this case District 2.  Wouldn't you like to have someone in office make an intelligent vote rather than taking a predisposed stance on an issue, especially if that issue is drastically different today than it was 10 or 15 or 100 years ago?  If you vote for me, Andrew Willmert, you will have the confidence that I will not be voting on a predisposed position or for a political agenda, even one that I might not be telling you about.  In politics, some people say it is difficult to find someone who is honest; citizens of District 2 in Minnesota you have a chance to select someone who is genuinely honest.  I am not a lawyer, I do not ‘bend the truth’, I have no public relations staff, I will not know everything and I will need help from time to time.  What I am offering to you is a chance to start making a push away from career politicians and toward people in congress who will actively try to make a difference in this world. 


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